Advanced Technologies Ensure Optimal Results

Dr. Bradd Yoshioka and his team are dedicated to treating patients with advanced technologies and equipment. Our office is equipped with innovative equipment to achieve optimal results with both minimally-invasive and surgical procedures.

From CEREC same-day crowns to the advanced Erbium laser system for standard procedures, we can provide a high level of dental care for patients with our advanced dental technologies.

Advanced Technologies We Offer

CEREC same-day crowns are an attractive option for patients that have decayed or broken teeth. The CEREC system allows us to restore damaged teeth without the long wait times associated with traditional tooth restoration procedures. This state-of-the-art system ensures you can get the results you want in a single visit.
The Wand® Anesthesia system is a computer-controlled system that helps us provide pain-free dentistry services. Patients have reported that it has greatly helped reduce fear and anxiety to provide a more comfortable experience.
Early detection and treatment of cavities is much easier with the DIAGNOdent system. This system uses a laser diode to inspect the teeth and identify even the smallest signs of tooth decay.
Digital X-rays are used instead of conventional film to capture a clear picture of your oral health. There are multiple benefits in using this system, such as shorter appointment times, faster turnaround times, and less exposure to radiation.
The VELscope® uses blue light and fluorescence technology to detect abnormalities in the tissues. Dr. Yoshioka can use the VELscope® to detect changes deep within the tissues.The VELscope® examination can be very effective for detecting oral cancer.
The Lightwalker dental laser uses laser energy to cut away the teeth, bone, and gum tissue without causing trauma to the mouth. The drill can help us achieve more predictable results when performing cosmetic procedures, periodontal therapies, cavity preparation treatments, or dental implant placements. Lightwalker patients typically experience less discomfort during the post-treatment phase.

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