Better Oral Health Can Improve Your Quality of Life

Maintaining good oral health can have a positive effect on your quality of life and may reduce the risk of certain diseases. If you are looking for an experienced holistic dentist for general oral health services such as dentures, extractions, or TMJ treatment, contact our office to schedule an appointment with Dr. Yoshioka today.

Our Services at Sonoma Holistic Dentistry in Sonoma, CA

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Our Services

If you have missing teeth and want to restore your smile, dentures may be a viable tooth replacement option for you. Dr. Yoshioka may recommend traditional dentures or implant supported dentures to restore your smile.
Your teeth may need to be removed if you have tooth decay or damaged teeth. We can perform tooth extractions to improve the quality and health of your smile.
Bite misalignment can be corrected with an occlusal adjustment. This type of treatment may be necessary if you are experiencing headaches, TMJ symptoms, neck aches, and other symptoms because of a misaligned bite. Dr. Yoshioka will make sure the teeth come together properly so that you no longer experience pain and discomfort.
We provide a full range of pediatric dentistry services to ensure children maintain healthy teeth and gums, and also learn how to take care of their oral health so they develop good habits as they get older.
If you are dealing with TMJ symptoms such as pain or discomfort around the neck, face, and jaw, or you have frequent headaches, you may benefit from TMJ treatment as part of your dental treatment plan. Dr. Yoshioka may recommend noninvasive treatments and lifestyle changes, such as performing relaxation exercises, wearing a night guard, or getting cortisol shots to relieve some of the pain.

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